Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nothing to report

So I haven't blogged, and it's not because I'm just not blogging, It's because I haven't cooked anything. Nope nothing. I've barely heated anything up! no leftovers, no pasta. The most I've cooked in two weeks is toast.

But I think this counts for something that can go in the cooking blog...
I really really love this apron.
Isn't it beautiful?
So my Fiance and I have been doing household research. We want to be prepared when we goto register for our wedding. What are some of your most loved kitchen appliances/ the most useful things. Also, what kind of dishes and pans do you guys use? I don't really know anything about these things but what i decide on in the next month I might most likely use for decades to come.
I'd love some advice!



  1. In my browser this tab this is called "Stephanie learns to cook: nothing."

    yep. thats about right.

  2. hahaha. That is funny. We registered for some tupperware and ended up getting a billion tuppers. Seriously. Every other gift was tupperware. I am thinking there was a monster sale or something. And we didn't get any pots. None. We borrowed a pot from my mother in law for a few months until we gathered the gift cards and went and bought some. They are super expensive. So, try to get an in on someone to buy them for you :) like a grandma or parents or something. OH and a vacuum. I love my vacuum. It is a Hoover Windtunnel Rewind. It is awesome because it rewinds the cord with a push of a button. It is wonderful. As far as dishes and stuff, just get something you like.

    I am awesome at giving advice...not! haha. I hope this helped you a little bit.